Donna Kato and me                                          At the Makin's Clay Booth

 POLYMER CLAY: Handmade jewelry out of polymer clay is one of the most creative things I have ever done.  You can make jewelry for any outfit, in any combination of colors,  to match any outfit.  You can pick up a design in an outfit and compliment it or contrast with it.  While it comes in a wide variety of colors, by mixing it you can create any color.  The variations are endless. I sell both finished jewelry and the beads to make jewelry.

POLYMER CLAY BEADSOn this page you will find beads and pendants that make up the jewelry listed on othe pages.  The various colors of Polymer Clay are combined into a design called a cane.  That cane is then hand-formed into beads or pendants and baked.

POLYMER CLAY BRACELETS  More Handmade jewelry out of polymer clay.  New things are popping up on these pages every day.

POLYMER CLAY CANES Designs called cane in the raw clay state leave the purchaser the ability to use them on any item they can conceive, including pens, votives, beads, pendants, sculptures, buttons and the list goes on.

POLYMER CLAY DECOR  I find many items that look great when covered with polymer clay.  On this page you are liable to find anything at different times.  You will almost always find at least a few votive candle holders, some pens, a clock or two, vases, and frames.  The most fun though is finding something unexpected to cover.  I found some bic lightter cover blanks recently and have done quite a few of them.   I also have done some lanps that are very time comsuming but are well worth the effort.  The only trouble is I want to keep every one I make.  Even my husband is into the act, someday soon I expect to have a page of his really nice fishing lures that actually catch fish.

POLYMER CLAY BUTTONS  I have just added polymer clay buttons to my inventory.  At present I am making and selling buttons with two holes in sizes from 1/2" - 2".  Thus far most of the buttons have been floral but I do have a few that are not and as time goes buy I will be also making buttons with backs.  I do suggest that although they can be machine washed that they not be machine dried.  At present I will remove my buttons before they go into the wash but I am only using one or two buttons a garment.

KATO POLYCLAY  Last year I started selling clay and the clay I chose to sell was Kato Polyclay.  In my opinion it is the easiest to work with. The colors are pure and mix so well that you can get such a great variety.  Donna Kato is an inspiration to so many polymer artists and works hard to make sure the information about what works best gets out to those of us that use the clay.  The best feature though is that they stand behind their product.  It is a wonderful company to work with.  I do carry the blades, rollers, liquid polymer as well although I do not have that listed as yet.


At this time I am not able to accept credit cards, I do however accept them through my Pay Pal account.  I also accept money orders and checks.  If you wish to pay by Pay Pal, just fill out the order form and email it.  I will weigh your items and send you the total, showing actual shipping and then send you a Pay Pal invoice. At that point you can pay me by either of the methods mentioned.  I do ship every day and First Class (under 13 oz.) Priority Mail, Parcel Post and Express Mail are all available.